Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is why i hate ... nevermind

Ok, i was reading the Post yesterday, and read the article about how some danish cartoonist depicted the prophet muhhamad with a bomb shaped turban as a political cartoon...

and now people are rioting everywhere in europe?!? im not sure about here in the states, but EVERYWHERE IN EUROPE. muslims are chanting out Osama bin Laden's name, Yelling "Europe your 9/11 will come", calling for revenge on every government just because of one cartoonist from Denmark...

umm... can we say over-reacting?

they are burning goods in the street, rioting, picketing, throwing things at the foreign embassy's. What the hell. calm down already.

funny thing is, the police forces are doing absolutely nothing to stop them, no tear gas, no riot control squad NOTHING!!!, WHY NOT!

(personally, i would just open fire into the crowd once they started hurling objects at government buildings... but thats just my opinion).

You didn't see christians burning things or rioting when someone depicted the Blessed Mother Smeared with animal feces. we expressed concern, but did nothing violent, we didnt even call for the exhibit to be closed.

but here these crazy radical muslims causing complete anarchy in europe over a small cartoon, threatening to kill the heads of papers who reprint it, calling for osama bin laden to give retribution for it, having newspaper heads fired. jesus christ CALM DOWN...

Worst part about it is, the United States in interfearing... BUT ON THE SIDE OF THE MUSLIMS?!?!?!?!? WTF
Funny how a nation founded on free speech, and freedom of the press can go and side with a radical religious group...

I usually side with bush, and i am with my government and my country for anything they decide to do, and anything they say. but i have to be liberal about this and say what the hell...


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