Friday, November 04, 2005

Whats in a Name???

I'm sure everyone is curious about the origins of the name deathsythe212.
Common questions I get are, You know you spelt it wrong right? is that a palendrome? gundamwing fan?

Well, Lets start out with the name itself.

Yes, Deathscythe was a gundam, in the popular tv series Gundam Wing. Deathscythe (pictured below) was piloted by the only American in the whole show, Duo Maxwell (also pictured below). The Pilot and the Gundam itself had the nickname "God of Death" as he wielded the Beam Scythe as his primary weapon, an allusion to the grim reaper. Personally, that gundam, and DeathscytheHell (an upgraded version, also pictured below) was my favorite one, and the name just stuck with me.


Duo Maxwell


Why the spelling error?

Well, when I first started posting on one of my favorite VideoGame forums, Neoseeker, The name Deathscythe had already been taken. I simply took out the "c" and kept that as my name. (Needless to say the original Deathscythe was a little annoyed, but he got over it). Since then I never really felt a need to change my username for anything, DeviantArt, MySpace, or even my Blog.

Two-Hundred Twelve?

The simplest part actually, my birthday. Feburary 12th. Written with numerals it is 2.12, Its symmetrical, and I like it.

There you have it, The origins of my username.


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