Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fred Andreas is my Hero

I must say now... Fred Andreas is my hero.

We are in I&A today, and it must have been national porto bashing day... (wait... when isnt it national porto bashing day, rofl) but seriously, the heat was turned up today, even Mr. Andreas was getting in on it. We had to put in a board into the computers to register logic data for one of the labs we are doing, (dont ask). and He is just standing there watching porto, as am I, but he was like taunting him and really giving it to him. "okay go. by the way we are timing you. no pressure", porto couldnt get it right at first, gets yelled at... lol. puts the side of the case face down, gets yelled at. unscrews the screw with both hands. "Brendan, you only need to use one hand", porto tries to turn the case on its back for better leverage, Mr. Andreas: "Brendan, we are men here, we do it standing up" (at that point i had to leave the conversation for a few moments.

I mean, he was explaining to him how to install a board, how to handle it, Brendan knows what he is doing, but still, it was just funny to watch him try to interject and get shot down.

He finally finishes out, after being shown step by step what to do. (which honestly he didnt need, but it was too funny). Andreas goes. Letsee... "12 minutes... wow, we have a record... longest time taken."

then its my turn to install the board to my station. porto throws me the anti static band, and is like, you're all talk, lets see you do it. so I polietly go up to Mr. Andreas and ask for a board to install. he comes back and gives me one. begins to explain to me how to do it, and then goes "nevermind, you can do it". to which porto replies... "wait... WHAT! You are trusting R.J. ARE YOU KIDDING!" and starts tirading about random things, it was rather amusing, but at the same time annoying because im trying to work, and he was in my space.
so I unscrew my case, while being battered by porto, install the board, and finish, relativly quickly, even considering I had to wait for my instructor to finish helping other students before I even recieved one of the parts.

So yeah... R.J. 10 - Porto 0
lol... it was funny as hell, especially when porto gets yelled at for trying to stab me with a screwdriver while im working on my computer, Lol. and a few minutes later, Mr. Andreas yells at me because he saw me walking, holding a screwdriver down, with my usual look on my face, ready to kill someone, and he tells me to stop, thinking i was gunning for porto. Meanwhile im just putting the screwdriver away, and porto is in the other room, Upon realizing that he just laughed it off.

He really is a great guy, funny, intelligent, rags on porto all day, dry sense of humor, and he's a geek.


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